The best clothing that looks great on men

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but really, who are we kidding when we see Ryan Gosling in a spruce three-piece suit on the red carpet. That’s a handsome cover and I don’t care who knows it. However, you don’t have to be Ryan Gosling to look like a dapper gent. We’re not ashamed to admit that a man’s score out of 10 definitely goes up a few points if he’s wearing just the right things. If a man knows how to dress well, then he’s got something going for him.

A lot of women believe that men can’t be trusted with buying their own clothes, but we think differently. Men can handle buying clothing – they just need to know what to get. And that’s where we come in. We’re going to suggest a few items of clothing that are guaranteed to look awesome on a man. Let’s dive in.

Crisp blue shirt

Combined with a black or dark blue pair of jeans, a crisp, collared shirt is definitely a wardrobe essential for any guy. When tucked into your jeans (not loose, please) and only the top button undone, you’re armed with a simple but massively effective item for your clothing arsenal. Job interviews, first dates, dinner with the in-laws, a night on the town – you name it, a crisp blue shirt will fit right in. Oh, and we definitely don’t mind if you roll up the sleeves to your forearms. Peter Hahn’s men’s section has some good quality shirts, so give them a look and you’ll find something nice.

Funky pair of socks

Since when did socks have to be a boring item of clothing that you hate receiving at Christmas? Especially when paired with suit pants, snazzy socks can be a lot of fun and a great talking point. Plain black or white? No thanks. Give us exciting colours with fantastical designs. When a pair of socks literally makes someone stop in the street… then you’re onto a winner.

Whether you’re after casual, performance, or dress socks, then we’re going to have to suggest Stance as the No.1 provider of funky socks today. The designs are adventurous and bold but look downright great. What’s more, they even have designs from Disney, Star Wars, and NFL and NBA teams. A good way to combine fashion and sports if there ever was one.

Chukka boots

The women have spoken: it turns out that chukka boots are the most attractive shoes a man can wear on a first date, with Chelsea boots, boat shoes and loafers also ranking fairly well. According to over 200 women polled by GQ, which shoes men should wear for a variety of scenarios was revealed. These included: the beach, the office, a wedding, the weekend, and a first date. Unfortunately, trainers didn’t make the cut, which seems surprising, given that there many gorgeous looking Nike, Adidas, Onitsuka Tiger or Vans shoes out there. However, the results don’t lie, so chukka boots it is guys.

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