Exclusive – Boyfriend helps mum give birth in car park

A mum had such a quick labour that her boyfriend had to help her give birth – in a hospital car park.

Rebekah Connaughton, 24, was 39 weeks pregnant when she went into labour and made a quick dash to her nearest hospital.


But as her partner Kris, 26, pulled into the car park, the baby’s head appeared, leaving Kris with no choice but to deliver the baby himself – in the car park of East Surrey Hospital, in Redhill.

And despite the umbilical cord getting stuck around his neck, little Hugo was born healthy and only needed a quick checkup in hospital.


Rebekah, who lives in Horley, West Sussex, said: “He’s my third child but it was still a shock at that time of the morning.

“My mum came to pick up my older kids at 5:30am.

“I phoned the hospital and told them I was going into labour, but they told me to wait until 9am.

“By 7:30, I couldn’t wait any longer, so we picked up all my stuff and headed off in the car.


“When we got to the car park, I felt urge to push, and Kris had to catch the baby.

“It was so quick and unexpected – I thought I had a bit longer.”


“It was a quick labour and Kris managed to turn the baby around without hurting him to untangle the cord.

“He shouted for help and a stranger came over and helped make me comfortable while we got a midwife.”


Mum and baby were discharged at 3pm on July 18, and Hugo, now three months old, is a younger brother to Avai-Maii, four, and five-year-old Tyler.

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