Essential Oils “Budget Beauty Secret” of Celebrities

Cosmetics and beauty products are a multi-billion dollar business, and nothing is more valuable for a cosmetics brand than a celebrity endorsement. But many of today’s most famous stars are turning to a much cheaper option for their beauty routine: essential oils.

Essential oils such as argan oil have earned the praise of A-list stars and international models, who claim they play a major role in keeping their hair, skin and nails healthy.

Earlier this year, the Mail Online reported that celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Charlize Theron use argan oil for cosmetic reasons, “saturating” it into the skin as a way to nourish facial skin and wake up feeling refreshed and without dry skin.

Essential oils have long been linked to improved physical and mental health. Their popularity as inexpensive cosmetic products is starting to spread from celebrities to the general public, with a growing range of beauty product companies adding them to their formulas.

Do you need to invest in costly beauty products to enjoy the benefits of essential oils? Not so. In fact, many of the most costly cosmetic products only contain trace amounts of essential oils. For a real cost-effective beauty boost, it’s best to purchase the concentrated oils on their own.

Bergamot oil and skin

Bergamot oil is one of the world’s most popular essential oils, and for good reason. This oil has been used historically throughout the world as a treatment for oily skin, aching muscles, stress and a wide range of other ailments and conditions.

From a beauty perspective, bergamot oil is best used as a skin treatment. Applying bergamot oil directly to the skin keeps the supply of melanin even, reducing the visibility of scars and creating a more smooth, consistent appearance.

For the best return on your beauty investment, try adding 10 drops of bergamot oil to your next warm bath. It only takes a small amount to even out melanin across your entire body, reducing the visibility of scars and helping your skin look its very best.

Eucalyptus oil and hair

Forget about expensive hair treatments and masks — eucalyptus oil is famous for stimulating the hair follicles to encourage growth, increase elasticity, boost strength and reduce loss of hair from dryness and stress.

Hair can thin and fall out for a huge number of reasons, from overuse of certain hair products to stress from hair curlers and heat tools. Eucalyptus oil is the inexpensive, highly effective secret behind many of the world’s most impressive heads of hair.

Just like bergamot oil, there’s no need to overuse eucalyptus oil. Add two to three drops to an entire tablespoon of coconut oil and massage it into your scalp to improve hair growth, boost hair elasticity and protect your hair against damage from products and heat treatments.

Look and feel better

Essential oils aren’t just for looking better — many stars report using them to improve the way they feel after tough breakups and other personal challenges. Earlier this month, Miranda Kerr reported using essential oils to overcome depression from her split with Orlando Bloom.

Kerr’s essential oil use isn’t without scientific merit — many physicians believe that essential oils can assist in relieving the symptoms of depression.

Featured image, Flickr – Mariya Butd (CC – Creative Commons License).

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