Eight Apps that empower people with disabilities

There are thousands of apps and technologies out there that make able-bodied people’s lives easier. Anything from hiring a cleaner through a smartphone or hailing a taxi at the touch of a button. But what is there for less able people?

Well, there are apps being created that not only improve these individuals’ quality of life but also give them an added sense of independence. Here are a list of apps which are doing just that…

1. DAD is an app that allows DIY enthusiasts/ex-tradespeople that otherwise may not be able to work, the chance to help others with home repairs advice through a video chat. Meaning that injured or disabled people can earn a wage from home.

2. NantMobile Money Reader allows a person with impaired visibility to scan money using their smartphone to ensure they are giving the right notes when paying for things.

3. LookTel Recognizer scans everyday products and then notifies the person what they are. It can even recognise ID cards and DVDs. This app not only helps the visually impaired but can also help those suffering from dementia as it reminds people what the object is.

4. Fall detector Fade uses smartphone sensors to detect if someone holding the phone has fallen over and then it notifies a prefered contact that there may be an emergency.

5. TapSpeak Button records messages onto the app and allows the user to simply tap a button to repeat the message, helping those who find it difficult to speak to communicate with others.

6. Ariadne GPS is an app that tells people exactly where they are, even down to the door number they are outside of. There is also a feature where you can save locations and be directed to them through audio, giving people with poor eyesight the freedom and confidence to travel alone.

7. VM Alert – Video Motion Detector is a video motion detector app that detects and alerts when there is movement, allowing people who might not be able to move quickly or can’t see properly to feel protected.

8. Glue Home Glue is a Smart Lock and app which enables people to give remote access to their home via a smartphone. This means that someone with a disability who lives independently can let someone they know and trust into their home without having to physically get up and open the door.

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  1. I think that the whole drive of smart devices and home automation will offer people with disabilities many opportunities for more control, independence and flexibility. It is the next step on from the development of apps for our smart devices that aim to bring more independence to disabled people.

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