Durex and MTV team up to promote safe sex

Durex and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation have initiated the new worldwide phase of their joint collaboration Someone Like Me which launched last year to promote better sex education, help improve the sexual health and wellbeing of young people everywhere and realise a world free from HIV.

After its successful 2013 World AIDS Day campaign, the next phase of Someone Like Me has been developed as a social movement championing happier, healthier sex lives and respectful relationships for young people around the world, through innovative digital content and social media communities, designed to inspire conversation and debate.

The newly launched global website is a dynamic platform where young people can learn and engage with others, driven primarily by user generated content and online conversations. A key element of the site is the Global Crew – a group of likeminded, passionate young advocates who want to make a difference to the lives of other young people by encouraging talking more openly about sex and the issues surrounding it.

Georgia Arnold, executive director of MTV Staying Alive Foundation, said: “We firmly believe that it’s only through frank, open and honest conversations about sex that taboos will be smashed and boundaries will be broken. Someone Like Me is a creative and innovative platform encouraging young people to express themselves, share their stories and drive change. We’re excited about the next phase of this campaign where young people are directly responsible for their own sexual health and their sexual education.”

As a headline partner of this year’s MTV EMA in Glasgow, Someone Like Me will leverage the global reach of the event as a catalyst to talk to millions of young people around the world, encouraging them to be part of this movement and help rid the world of stigma and taboos that often form a barrier to safer sex and respectful relationships.

This next phase of Someone Like Me will be truly global, operating at a local level across all continents to unlock the power of conversation to build healthy and respectful relationships.

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