Drivable Armchair Spotted on the Streets of London

A drivable armchair has been spotted on the streets of London as part of an innovative stunt aimed at armchair gamers.

The armchair was spotted next to the London Eye, crossing the Millennium Bridge and wreaking havoc in Piccadilly Circus before coming to rest in Covent Garden and revealing a character akin to ‘The Stig’ from Top Gear.

The stunt seems to be a Saints Row conception who are leaving fans in eager anticipation for something to come in 2015, although precisely what is anyone’s guess. What is for sure is that the armchair driver has taken London by storm.  Twitter went mad playing the ‘where is he now’ game and photos were snapped at every opportunity, leaving Londoners desperately searching to get their hands on one of their own.

But who designed it? And who was behind the helmet driving it? And when will we see him again?

The Saints Row team are gearing up to reveal all in early 2015.

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  1. Adam

    Edd China as guess because until it was beaten by a test driver he held the world record for fastest sofa at 85mph
    Plus building fast furniture is his specialty.

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