Don’t Be a Mean Girl, Wear it Pink This Friday

By Charlotte Stringer, Style Editor at

With one in three of us statistically likely to get cancer, it’s certain that everyone reading this article will either know, or be, someone who’s been affected by the illness. However, just because the disease is so prevalent in western society, doesn’t mean that we have no hope of beating it, which is where the Wear it Pink initiative comes in.

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month each October, Breast Cancer Campaign encourage men and women, boys and girls, to embrace the colour pink and raise money and awareness for a very worthy cause. If your school, workplace, local pub, yoga class, ANYWHERE is thinking of taking part in the event but you’re unsure of how to wear cerise, magenta or anything in between, find some style inspiration to show your support here:

STYLIGHT Wear it Pink

Whether you choose head to toe fuschia, or opt for more subtle raspberry accessories, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to look good and do good. Don’t forget to share pink-tastic pics on social media using the hashtag #wearitpink


More information about the event, as well as the charity organising it, can be found here:

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