How to Remove Pet Hair For Good

Our beloved pets can be a delight to be around, but dealing with the hair they leave on the seats, floors, clothes and other surfaces around the home can be less than amusing. If, like other people, you have found cleaning up pet hair to be a huge challenge, there is plenty you can do about it. And this doesn’t involve debating whether or not having a pet was a good idea in the first place. Here are some ideas on how to remove pet hair from your home more effectively. 

1. Use a Roll of Tape to Pick up Loose Pet Hairs

A tape can be an excellent way to get rid of pet hairs from your clothing and other fabric surfaces. The adhesive property on the tape will generally attract the hairs and leave your clothes and other surfaces free of this pesky form of dirt. 

2. Get a Rubber Glove or Broom

Rubber is great at picking up loose pet hairs on upholstery and clothes. By sliding on a pair of these gloves and running your hand over the surfaces covered in pet hairs, you can take the furs off these surfaces and leave them clean and tidy. A rubber broom delivers similar results. 

3. Get a Good Vacuum for Pet Hair

In the war against the pet hair in your home, a good vacuum is your best friend. When you set out to get the best vacuum for pet hair, you will have at your disposal the means to get rid of the hard to remove pet hairs that regular vacuums cannot pick up. These special vacuums have additional suction power, and some come with HEPA filters that can even rid your home of the odors that your pets typically leave behind. 

4. A Lint Roller

Lint rollers also give you an effective way of getting rid of pet hairs. And you don’t have to go shopping for a lint roller, you can make one yourself. All you need is to rub duct tape on a cylindrical surface, with the sticky side on the outside. Lint rollers can actually be quite effective at picking up pet hairs from clothes, furniture, carpets and other surfaces. The downside is that they cannot be reused; once the hairs adhere to them, it is not possible to get rid of it. 

5. A Wet Palm

This may sound incredibly low-tech, but it is just as effective in helping resolve the pet hair problem around your home. By wetting your hand and passing it in a downward motion over the surface with the hairs will make them heavy. They will also stick together and lump into balls that you can easily dispose. The wet hand will also solve the static electricity issue that makes the hairs hard or impossible to remove using a regular vacuum cleaner. 

6. A Piece of Cloth

Some simple techniques can still deliver commendable results as far as removing pet hairs goes. A piece of cloth is a good example. However, this solution works best on hard smooth surfaces. So, don’t expect it to help with the hairs stuck on your clothes and upholstery. 

7. A Brush 

This is a classic solution, and it can work for some surfaces. However, most regular brushes are not up to the challenge of ridding the surfaces around your home of pesky pet hairs. Brushes also tend to blow the allergens around, which can be an issue for some family members. However, it might do a decent job when you are getting rid of pet hairs on hard surfaces. 


That pets have hair is a simple fact of life; and that means you have to deal with the hair that they shed and leave around. With the above ideas, getting rid of the pet hair in your home will be a lot easier. You don’t have to wonder why these furry family members have so much hair to begin with. It is part of the reason they are so adorable and lovable after all. The ideas above on how to clean up pet hair should make owning pets seem less of a challenge despite all the shedding they can do all over the place. 

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