Dear Santa…Can I Have Botox For Christmas?

By Laura Casewell @CasewellEditor

 It’s almost that time of year again: the dark nights are endlessly drawing in, the frosty mornings are making us rush for that warming cup of tea, and there are festive lights and decorations adorning windows and trees all across the country. In the words of Noddy Holder; “It’s Christmas!”

The festive period is always a magical time of year, as families and friends reunite to spend a few days enjoying all the merriment that we associate with Christmas. With endless parties and gatherings to attend, your social life is probably busier than ever, and, like many people, you might be looking for ways to look and feel great before and after Christmas, according to cosmetic experts. So what is it about the holiday that has women flocking to clinics hoping for a little boost over Christmas?

With the big day just two weeks away I started to ask myself if already popular non-surgical treatments like Botox and dermal fillers saw an increase on the lead up to or after the festive period; the answer is a resounding yes, as I found out when I met cosmetic doctor to the stars Dr. Sarah Tonks recently.

“I think everybody wants to look amazing for the Christmas party season. It’s the time of year when the weather isn’t that great, we don’t get to show off our bodies so much and so all the emphasis and focus is on the face,” the cosmetic doctor explained to me. “Clinics are absolutely booked out in December with everyone getting ready for the party season. Lips are a particular party season favourite, and I find most patients want to go that little bit bigger than normal around this time of year,” she said.

And what about New Year, when the guilt of festive overindulgence kicks in and we start to feel sluggish? Sugary treats and alcohol can play havoc with your skin, particularly on the face, and you may find yourself nursing some festive acne. It’s not uncommon, but many of us would rather improve our skin rather than put up with spots and blemishes.

“New Year often signals the start turning over of a new leaf for some people, and the skin can be a real focus,” Dr Tonks told me. “Having perfect skin as a blank canvas means you can be as creative as you like with all of your makeup, with no worry that spots are going to spoil your look. Adult acne can be a real problem, but there are some great solutions for this issue. Just make sure they’re tailored for you personally,” she concluded.

 Working at a beauty magazine I’m surrounded by endless cosmetic treatments, but my advice is always the same whatever the time of year: only opt for aesthetic procedures if YOU want them. Do your research and make informed decisions after a thorough consultation. And remember: a happy Christmas is a safe Christmas. Injectables, just like every other kind of cosmetic treatment, should only be administered by a trained professional in a clinical setting.

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