Dave Grohl, 5SOS, Nick Grimshaw and Leo DiCaprio

On Stage Mishaps

Here I’ll be putting two stories into one tiny little segment, because I’m mad like that. Also in a way they’re both kind of non-stories and by pushing them together I’m trying to get one decent story out of it. STORY THE FIRST is that Dave Grohl, ‘rocker’ best known for his work with the ‘Foo Fighters’ or, if you’re my dad, ‘the Foos’, broke his actual leg on stage in Gothenburg last week. Technically it was off stage, as he fell off the stage, but that’s by the by. What is so GREAT about this story is that Grohl insisted he’d be back and true to his word less than an hour later he was placed in a chair on stage and continued the show. All the while, a medic was bandaging up his leg. What a lad. What a bloody lad.

STORY THE SECOND: in other stage mishap news, Michael Clifford from seemingly popular boy band ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ had an accident over the weekend when his (presumably) product-laden hair caught fire after he was a little too close to the pyrotechnics involved with their show. He tweeted a terrifying picture of half his face in bandages but was later seen entering popular in 2009 nightclub ‘Mahiki’ looking well. Clifford was back on stage the next night with no permanent damage.

Nick Grimshaw for X Factor?

In an attempt to boost ratings Simon Cowell may as well have hired a sky writer to beg people to watch X Factor. Instead, apparently Nick Grimshaw, of Radio 1 breakfast show fame, is set to become the newest judge on the X Factor. In a reported LOADS OF MONEY deal, Grimshaw will replace Louis Walsh as a judge and mentor. The news hasn’t broken officially yet but Grimmy was spotted allegedly shopping for houses in North London on Monday, and according to some newspapers that is all the proof we need to know for sure that he’s joined the panel.

Louis Walsh has put on a brave face about all of this but it’s abundantly clear he’s been pushed out. Possibly because he’s obsessed with young boy bands? I mean that’s just a theory based on absolutely nothing at all, litigators, nothing at all. Walsh has publicly said that Grimshaw will have to curb his partying if he does take on the role, because it’s ‘hard work’. Surely they can give him the over 30s or whatever the group of ‘old’ people is and he can incorporate partying into the whole experience? Just a thought.

Leo DiCaprio

In other news, Leonardo DiCaprio, star of literally hundreds of great movies, has a new girlfriend. That’s right. The pioneer of the #DadBod has found new love. Probably. Aren’t you so excited for him?? To settle down, to find someone new, to explore the world with fresh eyes in love? ME TOO! And, in a shocking and unexpected turn of events, his new girlfriend is a model. So weird, right? The new lady in question is 25 year old Kelly Rohrbach who you may know from TV show Two and a Half Men. Or maybe you don’t. I don’t watch it either.

DiCaprio and Rohrbach were spotted out and about in New York on bicycles (fits well with his Greenpeace-y brand. On brand. Well done.) riding around and kissing each other. That’s how everyone knows they’re definitely together. She’s so tiny she could hide in his beard but that’s really not what we’re discussing here. Anyway this story is literally only here as a vehicle for me to poke fun at Leo DiCap for having another girlfriend who is a model. The end.

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