9 Tips For Frugal Shoppers

As a new year arrives, many of us like to make new year resolutions. For example, to save more money. However, when it comes to checking our outgoings at the end of the year, we can forget just how much we’ve spent. Well, if you don’t want the same to happen this year, here’s a few helpful tips to stop the splurge.

1. Setting A Limit Is Always Better

There are numerous festivals, dinner parties, and life celebrations in a year. On one hand, we really enjoy having a good time with dear ones but once the fun ends we realize that we have shopped more than our budget. To set a budget, make a list of friends and family members and stick to it. For instance, if you are hosting dinner then choose guests wisely. You don’t have to invite everyone, simply invite close people – those who stay with you through thick and thin and you share the best laughter with. I am not asking you to cut off everyone, I am just suggesting you to set limits.

2. Don’t Take Too Much Burden

If you are the host of a party, you don’t need to take all the burden. Consider asking others to bring drinks, salads, nibbles or desserts. It will lighten your load and you won’t have to break your bank account. Apart from that, make a list of things which you will truly require. Know the number of people you are catering for and then go grocery shopping otherwise you will be throwing leftovers away after the celebration.

Also, you don’t have to buy everything from the same shop. Keep switching supermarkets and go for the one which offers the best deals and offers. Check out the local fruit or butcher shop, you might find something great at cheaper rates.

3. Try A “Use-Up” Week

Before you hit the supermarket, consider checking out kitchen cabinets and freezer. There are always tins and packets left which you can use for cooking. Be creative and cook delicious meals throughout the week.

Also, have a “use-up” toiletries week and finish all those almost empty shampoo bottles and toothpaste.

4. Consider Selling Extra Stuff

This is an awesome and effective way to get some extra money. Check out your closet and your room. Look for things that you don’t use anymore. Do you wear that top anymore? Do you still play that game? Is this instrument usable? Whatever it is, sell it and get a few extra bucks.

You can consume these extra bucks in something important or save them.

5. You Need a Plan

When it comes to living a frugal life, a plan is a must-have. You always need to have a plan in your head so you don’t cross budget limits and always shop accordingly.

Whether you are going to regular grocery shopping or an event is near, always make a plan before checking out the stores.

6. Avoid Impulse Buying

No matter how much you love that pair of shoes or you just found the cutest top, don’t listen to your heart and move forward. The longer you stare at the product, the harder it is to avoid impulse buying. So, control your emotions and save money.

7. Find Sales

Sales and Sales! Whenever there is an occasion every brand offers a huge sale and gives you a chance to save money. Search for the best deals and offers and save big on whatever product you purchase. Always look out for sales in order to save huge.

8. Keep a Check on Your Spending

Despite the fact that we set a budget, we always end up spending more than we should. It is better to keep a check on your spending to avoid spending more than you should. Before billing, calculate the amount of everything that you bought. If you think it’s too much, drop something you can find an alternative to. Or always check the bill when you reach home after shopping. Check out whether you spent too much money or not.

9. Don’t Forget Why You Started

So, why did you actually want to save some money in the first place? We all have different but valid reasons. Some have debts to get rid of while others want to have a secured future. No matter what the reason is, just don’t forget why you started. This way you will stay motivated and keep saving your hard-earned money.

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