Charity Renames Specialist Course Which Enables People To Show They – Aromacare

AN international charity based in the UK has rebranded one of its specialist courses to avoid confusion and better spell out who the qualification is suitable for and what it can do.

The International Federations of Aromatherapists (IFA), which is based in London but supports members around the world has changed the name from one of it’s vital programmes from Aromatouch to Aromacare to set it apart from similar offerings which have come along in the corporate aromatherapy industry.

Aromacare is a specially developed aromatherapy course for carers which enables them to help their clients or family members with the use of massage and touch using specific aromatherapy oils.

The certified course which has been running since 2008 allows family members and paid carers or all types to enhance the work they do in a variety of carer settings which can vary from the elderly and dementia sufferers to young people with physical and mental health issues.

IFA CEO Pauline Allen explains: “: “Aromatherapy and the use of all essential oils is something which takes several years of study to master and fully understand but our Aromacare courses are incredibly useful as they target the use a few specific oils and offer a reduced tailored curriculum in order for carers to gain practical skills which they can put to good use with a wide range of people who they may be caring for either in a professional or personal capacity.”

The International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA), a UK registered charity, is the oldest and leading professional and training body for aromatherapists. Aromacare courses are just one of the many initiatives they have introduced to help benefit members of the public with additional needs due to health issues. In some instances, access to the course may be available for free from the charity.

Pauline said: “Aromatouch has been a success for some years but we decided it was time to give it a rename and simple rebrand, so people better understand what it is and do not get it confused with anything similar that exists so from now on it will be Aromacare.”

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