Carol Joy Pure Collagen Spray: Review

By Anna Power

It’s rare to find a product that makes you want to grab your phone and ring your friends to tell them about it, but Carol Joy’s Pure Collagen Spray is one of those rare exceptions. Within minutes of spraying my face, neck and décolletage the difference was undeniable and instantaneous. I had a sudden flashback to how my skin used to look. I was reminded of that effortless collagen rich skin of my twenties and thirties – youthful, glowing and radiant with a luminous shine that bounced light off its silky, smooth, shimmering surface – at least on a good day.

So I’m spreading the word. This stuff is good and it works but as you’d expect from a high-end skincare brand it does have a price to match. Its handy 50ml canister is handbag friendly and amply used with a couple of sprays to the forehead, cheeks neck and décolletage daily and you’re looking at the spray lasting several weeks as each canister contains over 300 individual ‘spritzes’.

Collagen depletion can start as young as thirty and despite a wealth of products on the market few can boast such obvious and immediate results. It’s all about the collagen and Carol Joy London uses triple action medical grade collagen used for its regenerative effects, and claims that the potency of the collagen used is what helps to produce instant and transformational results.

Collagen is the go-to word in anti-aging products but what is it exactly and what does it do? Collagen is a protein and accounts for up to 35% of the body’s protein content. It’s the structural component in connective tissue that directly influences the appearance of the skin, giving it its elasticity, plumpness and tautness. So it’s no wonder we’re all in search of products that can enhance the appearance of collagen rich skin and impact the skin’s collagen production directly.

Impressed and frankly astonished by Carol Joy’s Collagen Spray I can’t wait to try some of the other products in her pure collagen range from their collagen eye mask to a full range of skincare and body treatments.

Carol Joy London: Pure Collagen Spray £100








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