Can you spot the one-armed bandit in this barmy bank heist?

We nortmally associate the sight of a one-armed bandit with a chance to pocket some extra dosh. Not so in this baffling puzzle, as a one-limb crim looks to make off with his swag bag.

It’s chaos in the streets in this latest puzzle, and while a gang of thieves haul away their cash from the bank vault, only a single perpetrator has truly committed one-armed robbery.

Can you spot the one-armed bandit in this bank-heist blowout?

In a sea of bank notes, black-and-white stripes and bandana’d banditos, a sole lawbreaker has one less limb to carry his stash to safety.

Greg Tatton-Brown from Online Casino said: “This missing-limb criminal may be one arm down but it isn’t stopping him from making off with the jackpot.”

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