Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Cosier Bedroom

With autumn inching increasingly closer, now is the ideal time to plan the transformation of your bedroom into a warm and welcoming space for you to snuggle up on those cold wintery nights.

According to a recent report in The Guardian, however, disposable income levels are continuing to fall in the UK, with single breadwinner families requiring a 27% boost in their incomes in order to meet their most basic demands.

Given this, now may not be the right time to be switching up your bedroom and spending loads on creating a new look. However, there are so many effective ways in which you can give your bedroom a cosy touch on a very friendly budget, while planning ahead will help you to save money over the course of the next few months!

So, without further ado, let’s look at some budget-friendly ideas for you to consider:

Autumnal Hues

Throughout the spring and summer, you tend to see lots of light, fresh colours used throughout interiors.

With the colder, darker months fast approaching, however, you see a shift in colours and themes. Darker, autumnal hues such as red, grey and brown, are ideal at this time of year, as they envelop the bedroom and create a relaxing, soft atmosphere that is just irresistibly welcoming.

Suppliers such as Furniture Plus Online offer a particularly diverse range of options, while this firm recently reported that they source cheaper and sustainable materials to reduce customer costs.

This creates an atmosphere that feels welcoming and relaxing is ideal for being able to snuggle up and get cosy which is exactly what you want as summer drags onto its final throes.

Switch up the Lighting

Let’s face facts; lighting plays a huge part in the overall feel of any room.

You tend to find that lighting is chosen to suit each room, for example kitchens and bathrooms usually have bright spotlights, whereas bedrooms and living areas usually see a softer lighting source.

Yellow-toned lighting is ideal for introducing to your bedroom to create a calm, inviting atmosphere. Your bedroom is the one place you want to be able to switch off and relax and with smaller lighting sources such as bedside tables, fairy lights and candles, you can create the perfect atmosphere and drift away into your own world.

Dress up Your Bed

The autumnal and winter months are often very cold and blustery, and whenever you’re out of the house the one thing you wish more than anything is to climb into your cosy bed and hibernate.

Invest in some thicker bedding to your bed, such as a thicker duvet or maybe a heavier material on your sheets and even a larger blanket at the bottom to create the perfect, cosy space for you to get comfortable and hide away from the cold weather.


You could even look at buying some cheap cushions for your bed, in order to create a cosy look and add some extra insulation.

Store Summer Away

Throughout the summer we tend to find ourselves investing in some cute, summer related items such as summery scented candles, bright, flowery artwork and even fans or thin blankets.

Items that are gentle and delicate yet still stylish and make our rooms look good. When the winter comes, however, it’s not always ideal to have these scattered around your room as you replace the candles with some gingerbread, Christmas scents or you get some thicker blankets.

So, you’ll need to identify a viable storage option in time for the autumn, whether this is in your oak wardrobe or in a neatly organised divan bed. This way, you’ll have the space ready and can quickly reorganise your room as summer draws to a close.

Introduce a Rug

Many bedrooms have hardwood or laminate flooring, and this can cause issues over the colder months. Whether you’re experiencing cold drafts or simply chilly feet, it’s never fun to jump out of bed on a cold morning and have to stand on a cold floor.

Adding a rug to your bedroom will help to insulate the room, as well as create a soft, comfortable area for you to stand. Adding a rug is also a great way of introducing some extra materials, patterns and textures to your room.

Whether you opt for a fluffy rug or a plain style with a thick material, the rug will add character to your room and instantly help it feel cosier and welcoming.

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