Brits’ Top 20 Worries Revealed

A new study has revealed the top 20 things Brits worry about, with money, dead-end relationships and unfulfilling jobs among the main reason people in the UK say they’re unhappy.
A meagre three in ten Brits are ‘happy with their lives’, the survey 2,000 people found, with 69 per cent feeling trapped in the same old routine and 40 per cent of people actively unhappy with the way they look. Lifestyle niggles, worrying about their image and even the British weather were also listed among the top 20 reasons for feeling fed-up, with nearly three-quarters succumbing to the winter blues.
The research found fears over ageing, mounting debt and work stress among the 20 most common worries for the average Brit. But despite 69 per cent saying they are stuck in a rut, the majority don’t make changes to their lives as they struggle to know where to start.
Jacob Fuller, CEO of blu eCigs which commissioned the research, said: “A lot of people set out to make changes to their lives in January but find it a struggle and end facing a case of the January blues. The results show that making smaller, positive lifestyle changes rather than setting drastic unattainable targets is the best route to improve overall happiness.”
Relationship stresses also take their toll – results found one in five feels their relationship has declined in recent times, while the same number felt there isn’t a future with their current partner. And work life brings little respite – nearly a quarter don’t feel they’re going anywhere in their job. Just a quarter of people felt their career had gone to plan and were actually able to do the job they originally hoped to do.
The study, titled the 2015 UK Optimism Audit, found that while more than three-quarters of people  think that New Year’s resolutions are ineffective, most of us do see the value in making incremental changes to our lives. Seventy per cent believe that changing just one small thing would make an improvement to their happiness levels. The majority don’t make changes to their lives as they struggle to know where to start- named as the biggest reason for not changing old habits. Showing the value of small changes, half of those that smoke said swapping to an e-cig would improve their lifestyle.
1. Getting old in general
2. Worried about my savings/ financial future
3. Low energy levels
4. My diet
5. Financial/credit card debts
6. Job security
7. Wrinkles or ageing appearance
8. Worried about my physique
9. Paying rent/mortgage
10. I seem to be generally unhappy
11. I need to find a new job
12. Whether or not I am attractive
13. Whether my partner still loves me
14. Whether I’ll find the right partner/ whether my current partner is right
15. A friend or family member I’ve fallen out with
16. Whether I’m a good parent/ raising kids right
17. Meeting work targets or goals
18. If my dress sense is good
19. Pet’s health
20. Worried about the area I live in/ crime levels

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