The British moan all week…and all weekend

By Charlotte Hope, Lifestyle Editor @TLE_lifestyle

I moan all the time. I moan that I have nothing to moan about. I have never bother to count how many times I complain a day, but it probably runs into 100’s, which I have now discovered is a lot less then the rest of us. The average Brit moans 71 times a week – mainly about poor customer service, other drivers and cold callers, it has just emerged. Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found our love of a moan results in us grumbling at least 11 times every weekday and 16 times over the weekend.

It also emerged we will already have had three grumbles before we even leave the house in the morning. Other favoured topics include a weak internet connection, the boss and colleagues’ bad habits.

The research was commissioned by the Legal Ombudsman to try and understand why more people don’t make an official complaint when they experience poor customer service.The survey reveals that only 20 per cent of people would definitely make an official complaint if the service they received wasn’t good enough; though three quarters would consider it.

Ombudsman, Darren Cox, said: ‘’Moaning or complaining might be a typically British thing to do, but some people still seem to bite their tongue when it comes to getting someone to actually do something about an issue.

’The research shows that there are barriers to complaining, such as not having the time or disliking conflict.And many might think it’s not worth their time making a complaint as nobody will take any notice, and sometimes they could be right. But we’d encourage consumers to make their feelings known when it comes to customer service, as even if the company can’t put things right, a scheme such as ours might be able to..’’

During the week, many will be moaning or complaining about the lack of shows to watch on television, having to wait in a call queue and something their other half had said or recently done.

The relatives can often do something to set us off as they’re also a topic Brits tend to moan or complain about regularly to their work mates. Although at the weekend, the nation becomes a little more stereotypically ‘British’ as the weather becomes the top moan across Saturday and Sunday.

And the volume of traffic makes our blood boil too as it’s the second most common complaint we have at the end of the week. It usually always ends up being our first moan or complaint of the day too, followed by the weather and the alarm clock.

But overall, the biggest complaint we have with our lives is our job according to one in three British adults. In fact, Brits complain so much that more than three quarters have admitted to having a moan about other people moaning or complaining.

And the public will be sure to let those close to them know if they are unhappy with the way they have been treated by a person or business – even if they don’t make a formal complaint.

The most common ways people will make an official complaint are by email, by phone or by letter, while one in seven will take to Twitter to broadcast their moan about a company.

Mr Cox added: ‘’It’s interesting to see that in the days of social media, we’re still using the traditional methods such as email or a phone call to complain. The Legal Ombudsman has the power to award up to £50,000 in financial compensation and is free for consumers who wish to complain about their legal service provider.

’Last year it helped almost 8,000 people with their complaints and anyone what would like details about how to make a complaint are available at .’’

What Brits complain about on a weekday

1.     Poor customer service

2.     Other drivers on the road

3.     Cold callers

4.     Poor Internet connection

5.     Nothing on TV to watch

6.     Waiting in a call queue

7.     Something their other half did

8.     My boss

9.     Relatives

10.  My colleague’s bad habits

What Brits complain about at the Weekend

1.     The weather

2.     The traffic

3.     Nothing on TV

4.     Cold callers

5.     Other drivers on the road

6.     Poor Internet connection

7.     Something their other half did

8.     Waiting in a call queue

9.     Other people’s children

10.  My boss




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