The best headphones currently on the market

We are a nation that have become permanently attached to our phones. Scrolling through Instagram, swiping on Tinder and listening to the much needed escapism of music.

Barely surviving our dreary morning commutes in this ever changing Great British Weather, we constantly turn to the comfort of our handheld technology for relief.

But here at The London Economic we are more concerned about your eardrums than your dating disasters and therefore have decided to cover those earbuds with some much needed love.

We’ve scoured the market and have shared our top picks of the best headphones currently available.

And if you need a soundtrack to bop along to, we’ve got that covered too.

  1. Urbanista Seattle: wireless headphones

Available at for £99.00.

These aesthetically pleasing beauties combine Scandinavian minimalistic design with a practical folding feature. Allowing its users to look sleek and stylish whilst listening to all their favourite tunes while on the go, making them the perfect accessory for travelling. Bluetooth enabled, they offer a crisp sound and impressive bass for an extraordinary listening experience, featuring an advanced swipe technology meaning users can answer calls, play or pause music and change tracks using their fingertip.

  1. Menkind: wraps wristband earphones

Available at for £14.99 – in multiple colours.

These aren’t just your average headphones, the wrap headphones with an unusual twist turn into a handy bracelet you can wear which prevents them from getting entangled in your bag – or actually needing a bag to put them in in the first place. Perfect for everyday use and not too costly either.

  1. VerveOnes– wire free earbuds

Available at VerveOnes prices start from from RRP £149.99

This is an ideal gadget for those travelling thanks to its completely wire-free experience and impressive 12 hour battery life and portable recharging case – so users can charge their earbuds from anywhere! The VerveOnes offer HD quality sound, plus 150 feet of Bluetooth range and full control of Siri and Google Now.

  1. Fresh ‘N Rebel caps wireless headphones

Available at for £59

With no strings attached, literally, the Caps Wireless Headphones are on-ear headphones with a rich sound, deep bass and a cool design. Pair them with your phone or MP3 player via Bluetooth, leave your phone in your pocket and control your music or phone calls from your headphones. The closed-back design blocks out ambient noise in trains, planes & cars so you can listen to your favourite tracks while you’re on the go. With super soft ear cushions, Caps Wireless Headphones sit comfortably on your head while the collapsible design makes them extra compact and easy to stow away when they’re not needed. Going places will never be the same.

  1. Panasonic rose gold in-ear headphones

Available at RP-TCM360 headphones for £29.99

Combining a sleek and stylish on-trend rose gold finish with crisp audio and a comfortable fit. Whether you’re after on the go listening with a stylish edge, or the ability to listen to your favourite tracks while working out, you’ll be getting high quality pure sound wherever you are.

  1. Panasonic Acoustic Precision Control Stereo Earphones

Available at RP-BTS10 headphones  for £49.99

Delivering a rich audio experience during even the most demanding exercise. The lightweight headphones fit the lines of your body due to the adjustable ear hooks. Connect with Bluetooth and experience robust bass from the 14.3mm driver. Open Type audio mixes in ambient sound so you’re never cut off from the outside world. Battery is good to go for over 4 hours and they’re water resistant too.


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