Become Fitter with a Gym Buddy


By Emma Raw

When you think of the top athletes in the world, how do they get ahead? Take a look at the FIFA World Cup teams. These athletes train nearly every day together – they always have a buddy to train with. They have that extra support that keeps them motivated and determined.

Well, you can think of fitness training in this way too. When you hit the gym make sure you ask a friend to come along with you – preferably, someone who has similar fitness goals. It will not only become a more entertaining experience to your fitness training, but you will push yourself harder being in the presence of someone else. Simply, it’s a win win situation!


When you have a set workout schedule with a friend, you’re less likely to cancel – which in turn makes you more likely to stay in shape. Plus, being with someone at the gym can be fun and less boring!


It’s always fun to add a competitive aspect to your workouts! While your buddy may be showing off his or her goals, you can strive for yours too – and accomplish them together. If you notice your friend has begun benching more than you or running faster than you, this will motivate you to be stronger and faster.


Your buddy can cheer you on when you are finishing an exercise. This can really be helpful when feeling defeated. You will know that you are not alone, and they can ensure that you finish your reps. This will prevent you from leaving a workout incomplete because you believe you’ve done enough when it gets a bit too difficult.


By overcoming hurdles you didn’t think you could accomplish, like shedding ten pounds or getting rid of an unfit stomach, you can set your goals even higher. This will make you a happier person and people will notice your results!


Working out with someone who is trying to achieve similar goals as you whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, or endurance, encourages you to work together and push others to their highest potential.  This can really enhance your team building abilities and translates to other facets of your life like your career. When searching for a job or looking to hire, someone who works well with others is a highly attractive candidate. Athletes who work in teams are acknowledged for setting goals, even in the manifestation of failure until they win!

So, find yourself a gym buddy. You will be happy you can keep fit and stay in touch with someone on a regular basis just by going to the gym.  Finding a gym buddy will surely be an advantage to your fitness life that you will not want to miss!

Better your Friendships, Better your Body, and Better your Life


Emma Raw is a fitness fanatic and works at Greenwich Leisure Limited,Better Gym. When not hitting the gym, she loves to dance and write about fitness and lifestyle.



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