The Importance of Pre-Shave Cream and Why You Should Use It

What if someone told you that you have been following a wrong shaving routine all this time? You use a good shaving gel, an expensive trimmer, and a skin-friendly moisturiser, but what are you missing? What does it take to get a GQ-worthy look that you usually miss while shaving? 

The answer is pre-shave cream. But, wait. You have come across shaving creams and aftershaves, but what’s a pre-shave cream? It is the cream that prepares and conditions your beard before shaving. The difference is more noticeable than you might think. It is almost like a clean-shaven George Clooney and a teenager using a razor for the first time; it is that X-factor that could finally allow you to flaunt your GQ-worthy look.

Understanding pre-shave cream

Beards tend to become coarse and brittle after a few weeks. Your cheek skin gets harder, which is an indication that you need to shave or trim your beard. Fortunately, the range of men’s grooming kit has improved over the years. Popular brands like Manscaped have come up with advanced beard trimmers to give a perfect shape to your beard. But before you trim it down, you need to moisturise those whiskers with pre-shave cream. The pre-shave creams contain essential oils to soften the beard and condition it before shaving.

Ingredients like Vitamin E, sunflower oil, and almond oil are used to reduce skin irritation and prevent your cheek from razor burns. Most importantly, it acts as a base to increase the lather of shaving cream that you will soon use to shave. Pre-shave cream is much like the conditioner you use after shampooing your hair. Conditioners keep your hair soft and healthy and prevent it from becoming dry. Similarly, pre-shave cream keeps your beard soft and healthy and prevents your skin from becoming red after you finish shaving.

Importance of pre-shave cream

Many people think that using pre-shave cream is an unnecessary time killer in your daily shaving routine. But if you want to achieve the perfect close shave look, you will need pre-shave cream and shaving cream together. The pre-shave cream sets up the shaving surface so that the shaving cream can create a luxe lather to guide the razor while shaving effortlessly. Once you finish shaving, you can use natural soothing agents like sandalwood, calendula, or aloe to prevent skin irritation. It will not only give a clean shave but also keep the skin smooth as a baby.

The secret to a perfect shave is the combination of pre-shave cream and shaving cream. If you are picky about your stubble or want a shave that will nominate you for a Calvin Klein ad, it is essential that you don’t skimp on the pre-shave cream. Also, don’t forget to use a skin-friendly aftershave toner to avoid allergy breakouts and skin irritation. It will not only keep your skin young and soft but also improve the skin’s elasticity, thus reducing the risks of premature wrinkles and fine lines. So, now that you have an idea of how crucial pre-shave cream is, buy one immediately and use it the next time you shave.

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