How To Take Care Of Skin In Summer

“A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. Other than that, the most valuable tip I’ve learned is to always use a skin moisturiser!” That was a beauty advice from no less than the gorgeous, Beyoncé. There are a number of other things you should do for your skin come summertime though simply because moisturizer alone will not help your skin getaway from the heat in the thickness of summer.

Summer, Your Skin and You

If you still haven’t heard, you need to adjust your skin care regimen to keep it in tune with the changing seasons. Therefore, apart from reading up on different skincare cream reviews to find out the right products appropriate for this season, you should invest more time coming up with an appropriate routine to work for your skin this summer.

Listed below are 7 tips that you should consider:

1. Examine your skin. Make the changing season your cue to re-assess your changing skin so that you can make more rationale adjustments to your routine and product lineup.  Your skin is influenced by many factors and the combination of which, that include your skin type, your age, stressors, health status, and prevailing weather, to name a few.

Has your skin turned from greasy to dry? Have you been breaking out recently? Did you recently move to a new state or migrated to a new country? These and more will all affect how your summer skincare routine should look like.

2. Come up with a sun protection strategy. Most people rely on their sunscreens solely to give them the sun protection they need. Here’s a headline for you: there’s no sunscreen that will give you absolute protection from UV. That’s why you need to have a more robust sun care routine if you want to give your skin the ultimate protection from UV.

Get yourself a sunscreen labeled as broad spectrum, with an SPF 30 or more, and which contains loads of antioxidants that add more protection from UV and free radicals. Have your umbrella, sunglasses, and broad brimmed hat within reach. Anything else that can cover more of your skin surface will help. Remember to stay in the shade whenever you can but, most especially at midday when the sun is at its peak of intensity.

3. Stay indoors when you can. Keep your skin cool with air conditioning and humidifier. Exposing your skin to manageable environmental conditions will help keep it tamed and not misbehave on you.

4. Exfoliate. Don’t let the dry, hot summer climate scare you from exfoliating, even when you have chronically dry skin. Consider also incorporating products, including cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, that provide a low concentration of glycolic acid and other similar exfoliants to give your skin a mild exfoliation day and night so the debris doesn’t pile up on your skin.

5. Cleanse and shower. Washing your skin rids it of excess oils, grime and other impurities while also cooling off your skin. Twice daily is ideal, a third is fine if you don’t have dry skin type. Any more than a third wash, however, will dry out and damage your skin, unnecessarily stripping it of natural oils.

6. Tone. Keep moisture in by tightening your pores and making sure it is evenly toned for a smooth finish, and to lock in moisture which makes it extremely important if you have dry skin. If you have an oily skin type, you can benefit from toning as well, most especially in purifying your skin and in drawing out impurities stuck in your pores.

7. Moisturize and moisturize again and again. Check L’amour cream reviews or any other product reviews for that matter to initially assess whether or not a moisturizing product is suitable for your skin. Remember, younger skin are better off with basic moisturizers while mature skin needs to go beyond the basic hydration and require regenerative ingredients to be in the formula.

In general, for any skin type, your summer daytime moisturizer must be lightweight, sheer and oil-free to help your skin breathe. Excessive exposure to the sun encourages your body to produce more melanin. Care must be taken to protect the sensitive skin under your eyes. Differents eye creams like Teamine eye complex help you to reduce these dark circles,  as they contain powerful antioxidants. Reserve your thicker moisturizers for your evening routine. Keep hydrating even when you’re walking. Spray on mist and moisturizer when you feel the air about you tighten.


Enjoy showing off your gorgeous, dewy skin all throughout summer, and leave everyone you know puzzled about how they could do that. Truth is, you’ve known these 7 tips by heart and you know that the problem has always been in terms of inconsistency. Stick to these and you too shall see your beautiful skin revealed.

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