The importance of looking after your beard

Many people tend to negate the importance of beard grooming. One of the biggest misconceptions that comes up when having conversations about the beard culture is that having a beard translates to dirt build up and absence of cleanliness. Over the years, the stereotype has faded away and conversations that are more important dominate the beardiful world.

Finding a beard maintenance regimen that works for you is half the struggle. Committing to that particular regimen every day of your beardiful life is the cream of the pie. Growing a healthy and luscious beard is a challenge that many men can attest to. This is due to the complexity that associates with growing a beard. Just like any other part of your face, you need to use the right kind of beard care products that will create the required conditions for growth and health.

Taking care of your beard is a full-time commitment. Think of a baby that needs full time nurturing and caring up to the point of maturity. Your beard is technically a hairy baby, literally! A beardiful man typically associates a beard with freedom. Remember, however, freedom comes with responsibility. You need to adapt to a beard-grooming guide that works best for you. It is also important to note that everyone’s beard is different and to this effect, each warrants a customized regimen and grooming plan

Experts state that the use of certain products and adopting certain practices will optimise your beard’s growth in length and volume. However, the same experts also forget to mention that dedication and consistency need to work in tandem with these products to optimise your journey fully. So, aside from hoping to gain an attractive and natural facial accessory, why do you need to look after your beard?

1. Brighter and Healthier Beard

Let’s face it; many men get into the beardiful life just for the compliments. Taking care of your beard and giving it a healthy shine will definitely propel you in the right direction and earn you the coveted ‘chic magnet’ status. How do you achieve this consistent shine? Beard Oil or a beard balm helps to moisturise and keep your beard looking succulent. Having your beard moisturised at all times means that you will not experience any itchiness commonly associated with dry beards.

2. Get Rid Of the Beard Ruff

If you are experiencing flaking and dryness, it is probably because you are not practicing the rules of grooming. Just like the hair on your head, the beard is also prone to dandruff. You should wash, brush, comb through, apply your beard cream of choice and wrap up by combing gently every morning. This helps to get rid of any tangles or knots as well as give your beard a smoother appearance. The process also keeps your beard from drying out. Remember, moisturizing is the key to a healthy beard.

3. Get rid of the scruff and rashes

This point is not for you, but the people around you. No one likes being poked when they come into close contact with you. Unkempt beard hairs tend to act as the ultimate unfriendly hosts to your friends and family. Aside from going on a poking rampage, an unkempt beard is also the perfect breeding ground for the stubborn and unpleasant rashes. We all know how these rashes can do a number on your self-esteem and your general presentation.

These rashes are not only caused by dryness or lack of cleanliness, sensitive skin is also a major inhibitor. Your range of beard care products should have ingredients that are optimized for dry and sensitive skin. Keep your beard oil close by and embody the essence of the beardiful man.

4. How to Keep Beard Clean and Alluring

There is nothing that is more delightful than a clean beard! The beard is typically susceptible to get into contact the elements and other factors that compromise the cleanliness of your beard. To this effect, it is necessary to use beard care products that are scented to reduce the possibility of the terrible smells. Other products are not scented to cater to the people who do not like scents.

How to Take Care of Your Beard Daily

  • Wash your beard regularly. You can use a shampoo that is mild on the skin to avoid the possibility of irritability.
  • After shampooing, you can choose to be extra and use conditioner on your beard. The conditioner helps to moisturize and make your beard soft.
  • Pat your beard dry with a towel or dry t-shirt. Do not rub; this makes the sensitive skin around the area prone to rashes.
  • Comb through your beard with a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles. You can also throw in a brush to smoothen the edges out.
  • Lastly, clean up your look using your beard care products and beard oil or balm. This will help to enhance your overall appearance and keep the beard healthy all through the day.


You do not have to break your bank to ensure that your beard looks good all the time. There are beard care products that are affordable and can last for a long time without needing to replace them. The truth is maintaining your beard is cheaper than having to keep up with regular shaving appointments.

Every beard grows at its own pace. The longer you keep yours, the more attention you need to accord to it. Ensure that you trim it occasionally to keep the split edges away as they hinder growth.

Adopt a simple grooming routine not only to make you socially acceptable but also, to maintain a clean and attractive appearance. If you stick to a regimen that works for you and stay consistent, your beard will ultimately thank you by attaining length and volume.


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