5 Different Things that Guys Can Do to Achieve a More Youthful Look

One of the great challenges of ageing is dealing with the inescapable fact that your youthful looks are constantly under attack. It’s a natural process of course, but guys often have an unfortunate tendency to adopt a lifestyle that actually speeds up the process.

It’s bad enough that your looks fade over time, but if your lifestyle choices are causing you to lose your youthful looks prematurely, then you’ve no-one to blame but yourself. That may sound harsh, but if you think about it, it’s actually good news because it means the power to take control is in your hands.

The following five tips will also help you to keep yourself looking younger for longer.

1.      Controlling Your Diet

It’s well known that a good nutritious diet is essential for good health. The oft-quoted “5 a day” advice, referring to the consumption of fruit and vegetables five times a day, is often ignored, especially by guys, or, at best, followed half-heartedly.

As good health and good looks often go hand in hand, it’s well worth making a conscious effort to follow that advice. In addition, you should restrict your intake of foods, drinks and other substances that, however enjoyable, do more harm than good. These include sugar, salt, alcohol and tobacco.

Apart from smoking tobacco, doctors and nutritionists don’t advocate giving those up completely, they just advise you to restrict your intake to sensible and healthy levels. After all, you don’t want to make yourself miserable.

Consult any medical site for a list of healthful foods, or any reputable pharmacy for vitamin or mineral supplements where advised.

2.      Exercise More Regularly, Motion is Lotion

Exercise can make a significant difference to how young you look. Regular visits to your local gym can be very beneficial as they offer a variety of exercise routines.

If that’s not practical, there are plenty of other options such as cycling, swimming or jogging. One form of exercise that is considered by health professionals to be highly beneficial to your health and personal appearance is the simple act of regular, brisk walking.

Walk fast enough to feel slightly out of breath as this gives your heart, lungs and blood circulation a good workout, and your complexion will benefit, too.

3.      Take better Care of Your Hair

Hair condition benefits from nutritious food, too, but the onset of some hair conditions are beyond your control. Two that you may have to deal with in middle age or even earlier are baldness and greying.

Male pattern baldness is a common condition, but there are ways to halt the process and even reverse it. Hair loss treatments are available as lotions, foams, sprays or as hair loss tablets, and fully registered UK Online Pharmacy is a good way of receiving treatments without the embarrassment of visiting a GP in person, many online pharmacies in the UK such as Oxford Online Pharmacy, UK Meds and others offer a professional and confidential service. They can supply, subject to their own doctors approval, drug-based treatments such as finasteride and minoxidil that have proven hair-restoring effectiveness.

As for dealing with greying hair, the only real options are dying or styling. Dyed hair certainly makes you looks younger, but it’s a laborious, ongoing chore. Neatly trimmed and styled grey hair, on the other hand, may not look as youthful, but it’s an attractively distinguished look.

4.      Look After Your Skin Before Its To Late

While good diet, exercise and refraining from smoking make for an attractive complexion, other factors work against your skin. One of those is exposure to harmful UV rays from sunlight.

Use sunscreen on sunny days on exposed parts of your body to prevent sunburn. Moisturising cream will also help your skin stay young looking and fresh, but avoid overuse of skin whitening or tanning creams as these can age your skin prematurely.

5.      Avoid Stress

Last but not least, you should avoid stress; not completely as a little stress is good for maintaining mental alertness. However, if you’re constantly living under stressful conditions, you need to take action as it will wreak havoc on your youthful looks.

Steps you can take to combat and reduce stress include meditation, yoga exercises or taking up a sport or a new hobby that will provide you with a welcome distraction.

Reduce your stress levels and you’ll quickly feel better and look better.

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