Beat the January Blues with #smileforjanuary Viral Campaign

The gloomiest day of the year is here. January 19th marks Blue Monday on the calender, the day when Christmas and New Year seem like distant memories and summer fun seems like a far away dream. But it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom, and if the public get behind a new viral campaign things could be altogether more cheery.

Using hashtag #smileforjanuary One Poll CEO John Sewell is encouraging the nation to share their favourite jokes to brighten up the month. Following the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge and the more recent ‘share your first profile picture’ viral campaign, Smile for January hopes to bring friends across the country together by encouraging them to share the jokes that make them smile with friends that share their sense of humour.

So far there has been a great reaction, with a host of gaffs being shared on Twitter and Facebook:

Top 5 One Liners

  • I hate Russian dolls, they’re so full of themselves.
  • I recently decided to sell my vacuum cleaner, all it was doing was gathering dust.
  • Whiteboards are remarkable.
  • I have an inferiority complex, but it’s not a very good one.
  • Love means nothing to a tennis player.


Top 5 Visual 

Discussing the campaign John Sewell said:  “January is such a dull month and with all the downbeat news that has been circulating recently we thought it was about time to cheer up the nation’s mood. And what better way to achieve it then sharing our favourite jokes. When I’m feeling down my friends know to hit me with a good one liner or knock knock joke and I feel better almost instantly. Laughter really is the best medicine.”

To get involved in the campaign simply share your joke with three friends on Facebook or Twitter using #smileforjanuary.

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