Average woman spends £16,000 on smooth legs

By Rosie Wilson Rosie@ccfmedia.co.uk

What would you do with £16,000? Invest it, buy a new car, or go on an amazing holiday – right? Would you consider using it to keep your legs hair-free?

Well, based on having a wax every 8 weeks (the maximum recommended time to go between waxes for best results, according to experts) and the average cost of a leg wax, you could be spending that without even knowing it.

The average woman who commits to waxing will do so for about 60 years – which can work out at around £16,000 (or more, if you’re a fan of a pricier salon). Combined with the impracticality and pain associated with waxing, too – we’re wondering whether that’s worth it.

And yes, leg waxing is painful, but it’s a bit of light relief for anyone who’s suffered the wrath of a bikini wax. Paying £25 a time for searing pain and a temporary cowboy walk feels like a raw deal at the best of times, but because of the coarse nature of the hair and speed with which it grows, you can expect to see much more visible grow back. So much so, that some experts recommend you double up on your bikini waxes, having them every three weeks. Ouch! And that’s not the only eye watering bit – that adds up to an enormous £25,800 over the course of a lifetime!

Meanwhile, those suffering with unwanted and embarrassing facial hair could also make a saving over a period of time – not to mention avoid any awkward situations that might arise from being caught without your tweezers! On average, it will take around 6 hours in total to completely rid a small area (like the chin or the upper lip) from hair using electrolysis, at the cost of around £350 – £600. Once the treatment has been completed, patients can enjoy a lifelong guarantee that they’re free of thick or dark facial hair from the treated area. Meanwhile, lifelong waxing addicts can wave goodbye to up to £4,200 for the same privilege!

Electrolysis is the only permanent solution to unwanted body hair available on the cosmetic market. Using an electric current at varying frequencies, the hair follicle vibrates at the root and produces heat, which stops the blood supply to the hair. As a result, the hair is weakened and eventually destroyed from the root, meaning that there is no chance of it growing back.

A litany of coverts rely on electrolysis to take the fuss out of their beauty regimen on a permanent basis, including an array of celebrities like Kim Kardashian. For people who want to look groomed and glossy all the time, there really is no viable alternative.

Not just that, but electrolysis succeeds not just in permanency, but in other categories where long-term alternatives fall short. Both laser treatment and IPL rely on pigmentation for success, meaning that they are most effective on people with light skin and dark hair, and can vary in success on any other patients. In fact, for patients with dark skin, laser hair removal can damage the skin and alter the pigmentation, resulting in lighter and uneven patches of skin.

It might seem like an investment at the time – typically, electrolysis starts at £40 per hour session, but multiple sessions are required to fully reap the benefits. But it’s a well-known fact that investing in a quality solution in the short term will make you glad you did later on – something that all savvy people will attest to.

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