Britain’s shattered kids are ‘working’ for over 46 hours a week, according to a new survey.

The shock research shows that parents are over-timetabling their children with extra-curricular activities in addition to their school commitments. This means exhausted children are actually working harder than the average parent who only completes a 37.5 hour week at work.

The average child already completes 30 hours and 50 minutes a week at school Monday to Friday, as well as seven hours and 51 minutes of clubs and homework each week. Actively reading with parents daily accounts for a further five hours and 49 minutes a week.

And the average child also helps with housework for up to an hour and 37 minutes each week.

Colin Whaley, Marketing Director from Center Parcs said: “We commissioned this report to further understand family life and what challenges parents and children are facing and overcoming, so we can always ensure we’re offering what they need.

“What has undoubtedly come out of this is the need for families – parents and children alike – to take time out to relax.

“We are passionate about creating the best environment for families to experience this, and insights such as these are invaluable for us to create the best short break possible.”

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