Are Our Homes Ever Complete?

No matter how much time and effort you put in to your home, at times it can feel as though it will never be exactly as you want it.

According to new research, less than one in ten homeowners currently consider their home to be perfect with 55 per cent saying they have a long to-do list of improvements and changes they would like to get done.

Installing a new kitchen and bathroom, laying new carpets or flooring and building a conservatory or an extension are among the top improvements Brits want to do, with painting and wallpapering, buying new furniture and laying decking or a patio in the garden are also among the outstanding jobs for the average British house.

The study, of 2,000 homeowners, found that the average home needs ten improvements and DIY jobs, with owners estimating these will cost £18,038 to complete.

John Ogilvie, Managing Director of Network VEKA, which commissioned the research, said: “All of us look forward to the day when our homes are exactly as we want them.

“But it seems there is a long way to go for some – involving plenty of money, dedicating hours of their spare time and perhaps a few DIY mishaps along the way.

“While some of the jobs are fairly minor, it looks like there are many who want to complete some big changes or major work on their home before they can see it as perfect.

“Rather than worrying about it and risking a disastrous and possibly expensive mistake, getting in a trusted professional can not only mean the job is completed much quicker, but there is the peace of mind that it will be done to the highest standard required to get towards a perfect home.”



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