Americans Focussing on Inner Health in 2015

By Kuae Mattox

A new survey has revealed Americans are taking a new approach to New Year’s resolutions and focusing on ‘inner health’ instead.

Resolutions about diet and losing weight are still in good shape in the US, but this year almost half of people in the US said  the older they become the less they are concerned they are with how they look. Rather, they have become more focussed with their strength inside. More than 60 per cent want to be emotionally, psychologically and spiritually healthier and a quarter aim to be more kind, and feel and show more gratitude. A further two out of five say they are working to get enough sleep compared to 37 per cent that are dieting and watching what they eat. One in three say they are finding “me” time.

The poll of 1,000 Americans by  Anytime Fitness, the 24/7 health and fitness club, found three out of five said a strong mind, body and soul tops their list of aspirations, but there are numerous barriers to exercising regularly. 75 per cent already do some form of exercise, but one in four say it’s not consistent. Only 20 per cent work out at a gym regularly. Cost, they say, is the biggest barrier, followed by lack of motivation and gym location.

Anytime Fitness spokesman Mark Daly said:  “Almost everyone wants to get to a healthier place, but that means different things to different people. Many people are reluctant to begin a regular fitness routine because they believe it would be selfish to do so, but the exact opposite is often true.  If you really want to help others, first you need to take care of yourself.”

The top 10 “Inner Health” Qualities Americans Want to Improve are:

1. Total health – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual

2. Feeling and looking good

3. Losing weight and getting fit

4. Having more patience

5. Loving myself more

6. Being more accepting and appreciative of myself

7. Being more loving to others

8. Being more forgiving

9. Being more kind

10. Feeling/showing more gratitude

Anytime Fitness clubs serve more than 2,000,000 members at nearly 3,000 locations worldwide. Because so many people make New Year’s resolutions, January is typically the busiest month of the year throughout the entire fitness industry. More than half of Americans have some sort of fitness goal – lose weight, calm mind, healthy body, great mindset, happiness and strength, feeling good in their own skin – but one in three say they don’t quite know how to get there.

“Regardless of your fitness goals, to maximize your chance of success, you need to find a comfortable environment where supportive coaches and trainers take real pleasure in helping others lead happier and healthier lifestyles” said Daly.

People’s “trigger moments,” when they realized they needed to take better care of themselves, included:

  •  “2011 picture with me and my granddaughter. I looked like a beached whale.”
  • “I found someone I wanted to spend my life with.”
  • “Looked in the mirror naked in the morning.”
  • “When I had a heart attack.”

So what would it take to get Americans to a healthier place of mind and body? One in six said support, encouragement and inspiration from other people, but the top answer, surprisingly, was more money.

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