Almost 80% of employees suffer from poor mental health

I am without doubt one of this massive percentage of people who suffer with stress related problems etc due to their work. I only nominally have a boss these days, but it doesn’t make it any easier, for others with a strict hierarchy it appears they are at breaking point.

YouGov surveyed 20,000 workers throughout Britain and they discovered some worry statistics. 77 per cent of those questioned said they have suffered from some sort of mental health issue, and 62 per cent of those blamed their work for causing the problem.

Of this number hardly any inform their manager about their stress levels and the problems the job is having on their daily lives. Shockingly of the tiny amount of workers who do mention their concerns to management, almost sixty per cent indicated that nothing was done to help them.

Physical problems are easy enough to discuss in the workplace, but a stigma towards mental issues still remains, especially in competitive and testosterone fuelled jobs, such as city traders and recruitment consultants.

The stigma attached to these problems, compounds the problem and pushes workers to the edge. The range of issues could be addiction, anxiety, depression to even more complex and serious problems.

Louise Aston, of the charity, Business in the Community, who complied the report said: “Millions of employees are suffering in silence and feel unable to share their experiences at work. When they do reach out, many are met with an inadequate response.

“Our findings show that we need more openness, more training and information, and more support for employees and managers.”

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