A London guide to affiliate marketing in 2018

Affiliate marketing has undoubtedly been one of the most topical subjects in e-commerce for some time now. Often described as a ‘win-win’ business model, this type of promotion has grasped the imagination of so many entrepreneurs because of its relative simplicity. Retail organizations, or advertisers, offer ‘affiliate programs’ which anyone with a professional-standard web platform can sign-up to. This gives the marketer access to hyperlinks that will allow a customer to click-through to purchases, for which the advertiser will pay commission on sales. The advertiser defers any need to cover the promotion costs, while all the marketer need do is ensure a vibrant presence for attracting site visitors, without having any responsibility for stock control or dealing with customers.

Affiliate marketers have cottoned-on to the fact that, if it is done correctly, this type of product promotion has the potential to be lucrative. Increasing numbers of sole traders are wanting to get into this action, so where better to glean information and network with key players than London, one of the world’s key financial centers?

Despite uncertainties about the long-term effects of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, London remains at the epicenter of business innovation. The city continues offering a prestigious service to clients of all backgrounds, but none more so than affiliate marketers, with numerous conferences and seminars being hosted in the city on an ongoing basis.

Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 took place at the O2, a two-day event run by the biggest stakeholders in the European affiliate marketing industry, attracted some 3,000 affiliates from all over the globe. Presentations and panels dealt with industry trends and market analysis, as well as dealing with challenges.

April saw the London Affiliate Conference and Financial Partners Expo, a four-day event focused on networking and learning all about promotion opportunities. Delegates were treated to engaging sessions tailored to discussing ways of tracking down the optimum affiliate programs to sign up to, together with experienced speakers.

For any newcomer hoping to get a foothold in the world of affiliate marketing, the undoubted highlight of the four days was the non-stop networking. Every aspect of this form of enterprise was up for discussion, from general affiliate marketing networking down to more specialized areas, like TopOffers Dating niche affiliate marketing. There were many networking parties taking place on each of the conference days, although much of the really valuable nuggets of information were being exchanged over final drinks at the hotel bar when retailers, potential marketers and business analysts were unwinding.

The good news for regular attendees was the free entry if they had attended previous events, such as Financial Partners Expo London. In fact, organizers have been sticking to their remit, established at the inaugural conference 11 years ago, that no affiliate or introducing broker has ever paid to attend.

Being one of the largest events in the affiliate marketing calendar, bringing together affiliates and brokers from all walks of life, the conference regularly invites prominent figures along to feature as guest speakers, including sporting stars. There are also many interesting activities to avert delegates’ attention when they need a break from the speeches, such as celebrity quiz show competitions and even all-day dance battles!

There is a serious point to the conferences, of course, and these London events have gone from strength-to-strength over each of the past 11 years, making for a thorough introduction to the world of affiliate marketing within the retail finance sector. Delegates were encouraged to attend subsequent seminars, and the next one in the calendar is in Amsterdam later in July.

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