8 days a week: Brits need an extra 3 hours a day to get everything done

The average Brit needs an extra three hours a day to get everything done, new research has revealed.

A study of 2,000 people has found 54 per cent wish there was more time in the day, with almost one in ten saying they can’t remember the last time they had an evening night to spare.

Eighty-nine per cent of Brits admit they feel that life is too serious for them and three quarters wish they had more time to relax and be more laid-back.

And if you don’t think this is you, it might be time to check again.

Eating dinner late at night and buying ready-peeled vegetables were among the top signs you are too busy.

Ordering takeaways because you don’t have time to cook was the biggest indicator you need more hours in the day, and eating breakfast on the commute, multitasking while watching TV by sending emails or shopping online and still doing laundry late into the night also among the top five signs you are short of time.

Psychologist and life coach Honey Langcaster-James said, “This study shows that feeling stressed out all the time, as a result of a growing sense of ‘time poverty’, is becoming a real problem for people.

“It can be really beneficial for you to adopt a slower, less-hurried approach to the tasks you face, both at work and in your leisure time.

“Taking a little time out to relax, enjoy yourself and have some easy-going fun is more important than ever in our fast-paced society.

“A little playtime is essential for us all, whatever our age.”

The poll, of 2,000 adults found almost three quarters of Brits wish they had more time to relax.


1. Ordering a takeaway as you don’t have time to cook
2. Eating dinner at 10pm
3. Eating breakfast on commute into work
4. Multi-tasking while ‘watching’ TV – i.e. emails/messaging/working late
5. Washing and drying clothes at 11pm
6. Only wearing clothes that don’t need ironing
7. Falling asleep after reading one page of your book/watching 2 mins of a film
8. Multitasking while cleaning your teeth in the morning
9. Checking emails while walking
10. Having to plan months ahead to meet a group of friends because everyone is busy
11. Putting on your make up on public transport
12. Buying ready peeled or sliced vegetables
13. Using dry shampoo instead of washing your hair
14. Re-wearing something from the laundry basket
15. Doing all your shopping online
16. Having a cleaner
17. Buying ready grated cheese
18. Recording everything/watching it on catch-up because you haven’t got time for adverts
19. Being late for school/late-play pick-up
20. Hardly ever wearing handwash only garments, as you never have time to wash them
21. Growing a beard to save time shaving
22. Doing last-minute times tables/ revision/ spellings in the car on the way to school
23. Having a dog walker
24. Growing your hair long as you don’t have time to go to the hairdresser
25. Using hands-free in the car to catch up with distant relatives
26. Watching catch-up TV on your commute
27. Never making packed lunches for kids, always school dinners
28. Buying frozen ready chopped fruit for your smoothies
29. Buying audio books for the car because you don’t have time to read
30. Running with the dog because there’s no time to walk him/her and go out for a run


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