5 Safety Tips for Driving Long Distance

Driving long distances may make you more susceptible to fatigue, distracted driving, or other dangers. Following these tips can help to prevent a traffic incident that would require you to hire a traffic ticket attorney.

1. Don’t Rely Too Much On Your Smartphone

A smartphone is a handy gadget with many useful applications to long-distance travel, but you may not always be able to use it if the batteries run down or you’re in an area with poor reception. Also, your travel apps may not always have the most up-to-date information. Keep a road map as a backup and plan your trip carefully before you go.

2. Avoid Distractions While Driving

Speaking of smartphones, it should go without saying that you should never try to text, surf the web, or watch videos while driving. If it takes your eyes off the road for a second, put it away; even a second is too long.

3. Entertain Your Passengers

This is particularly important if your passengers are children. Keeping fun things to do in the car will help to maintain a harmonious atmosphere, which will minimize distractions and cut down on stress that can lead to fatigue.

4. Don’t Drive Tired

Make sure that you get plenty of rest before you start out on your journey. If you are traveling with another driver, take it in shifts, with one driving while the other one rests. If you are traveling alone and you feel yourself getting sleepy, pull over immediately and take a nap.

5. Be Aware of Local Laws

Traffic laws can vary greatly by state, particularly as it relates to speeding and cell phone use. Merely being from out of town will not get you off the hook. Knowing what not to do before you get there will prevent you from getting a ticket and having to hire a traffic ticket attorney San Diego.

Nothing spoils a road trip like an accident or traffic ticket. These tips should help keep you safe while on your journey, but if you do have a legal run-in on the road, hire a traffic ticket lawyer to defend you in court.

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