5 Fragrance Lines That Won’t Harm Your Health (Or Your Wallet)

When you think of a certain friend, or maybe a relative, does a particular scent come into mind? Does the aroma of Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamond perfume bring back memories of your childhood Sunday school teacher?

The truth is that a pleasant fragrance has the ability to enhance memorable moments in our lives. But the reality is, sometimes those fragrances are riddled with toxic chemicals.

Don’t fear; the following five fragrance lines sell fragrances that won’t harm your health, or put a dent in your wallet.

Pure Placid

This is one of the newer fragrance lines to hit the scene. Created by Marcy Miller, this line carries a variety of products including body creams, body soaps, and soy candles. The scents are inspired by elements of the legendary Adirondack mountains.

“I feel anyone can fall in love with a place they have never seen. The city dweller who goes from early morning to late night in a maze of skyscrapers and industrial noise can certainly identify with and imagine a place like the Adirondacks. My products are made for those women in mind as much as the women who grew up here with me,” explains founder, Marcy Miller.

The products have blends of essential oils and herbs. If you love the warm vanilla tones, then Cashmere Sweater is sure to satisfy your senses. The rest of this fragrance line can be viewed at www.PurePlacid.com

The Body Shop

Most of the products by this company are either 100 percent vegan or 100 percent vegetarian. The Body Shop is sincere about not testing their products on animals. One of the favorites in their line is an exotic blend called Atlas Mountain Rose. For those who like a good sale, this company periodically does discounts off the regular prices. This company sells perfumes and candles.


This fragrance line is hypoallergenic and does not test their products on animals. On their website, there is a substantial amount of educational references explaining the process of making the fragrances. The products are as all natural as possible with minimal synthetic ingredients, which are passed through Skylar’s strict requirements.

By Rosie Jane

This fragrance line was created by a mother of three with high-quality products in mind. One of this company’s signature blends is called Angie Perfume Oil, and it has notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, and fig. All the products are 100 percent vegan. Even the ink printed on the packaging is made with 100 percent vegetable products.


The products on this line are non-toxic and cruelty-free. This company states that they spend three times as much on its fragrances than the average fragrance line. However, since the products are sold directly to you, Phlur is able to give you high-end perfume at a fraction of the price.

If you are looking to be more conscious about the things you put on your body, its good to know that there are fragrance lines out there that thrive on making pleasant scents without all the unnecessary chemicals. Many of these companies sell introductory sample packages that are reasonably priced, so you can see which one you like before purchasing the whole bottle.

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