£15K a year spent by dad to make 8-year-old an “A-list” star

A dad from South East London are investing heavily into their eight-year-old sun hoping he will make it into international stardom.


The boy, Theodore Liang, attends drama, acting and dance classes which clobbers him with a £1,300 a month.

In total, taking everything into account he splurges £15k on their son, who they already think has “exceptional” talent. The dad Steffan ia already trying build little Theodore’s brand as an actor and dancer.


Next up for Theodore will be his fashion line which will be ready to go live in 2017.

Dad Steffan, 33, who also once had aspirations to be famous, encourages Theo to take drama, dance and acting classes in his bid to become a star.

Steffan said: “Theo has grown up exceeding expectations in all areas, particularly performing arts, social media, design, film and modelling.


“His ability to relate to modern media and emerging marketing opportunities, has given way to his fashion line, his music, acting, YouTube and dance career.

“He has also shown a very keen interest in the above areas, I feel slightly vicarious as I also attended drama school and had aspirations of being famous.”


He added: “Following this my degree in international marketing at Greenwich gives me an advantage and lateral approach to this type of activity.”

Steffan admits he is an “overprotective father” and that “every last penny” he has is invested into his son’s potential success.


The aspirational dad added: “My son is an exceptional child and very smart, we are going to do all we can to make him a star.

“We push him, but it will all be worth it in the end.”

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