10 Ways to Unwind and Reduce Stress at Home

Stressed at home? Your boss doing your head in? Or just fed up AF? Here are some quick and easy ways to make you more laid back than a hammock…

1. Tidy up – I know it may sound obvious but having an organised room really does lead to a clear mind, so de-clutter your room and you’ll de-clutter your mind.

2. Light a candle – I adore Christophe’s Coconut Island Soy Wax Candle – it’s homemade, smells edible and has no nasties in it. RRP £10.


3. Spray relaxing mist all over your face and linen – Monique Hart’s Bleeding Hart Mist can be used as a hydrating face spray or used on your pillow to aid sleep. It has purifying ingredients in it which instantly improve physical signs of stress and rehydrate and plump the skin. RRP £29.


4. Whack a face mask on – try Natural Spa Factory’s Tea Tree, Willow Lead & Menthol Face Mask RRP £6.


5. Put on a hair mask – I love 7th Heaven’s Coconut Protein Rescue Masque – it boosts volume and helps treat tired tresses. RRP £1.00


6. Fresh lemon and ginger tea – just squeeze a lemon and add chopped fresh ginger to hot water. A truly relaxing hot drink, and tastes great too.

7. Get carried away from your everyday with a good book . I’m a massive fan of psychological thrillers and Debbie Howell’s latest book The Beauty Of The End doesn’t disappoint. It’s about a failed lawyer-turned-writer who has never gotten over his first love. When she is at the centre of a murder investigation years later, he’s thrust in the middle of the action as he tries to prove her innocence. But in doing so, he unearths his ex-lover’s dark secrets and realises he didn’t really know her at all…

8. Splash some Olverum Bath Oil into a bath and have a long soak. It’s absolutely luxurious and essential oils help to relax the body and mind. Just a few drops go a long way – the 125ml size costs £26.00 but will be enough for 25 baths.


9. Scrub your skin from head to toe – exfoliating is great for leaving the skin feeling refreshed and smooth, I smother myself in Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense oil RRP £7.79


10. Listen to classical music – Spotify have a great selection of hits – an easy and proven way to wind down and relax over-stimulated minds!

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