10 Ways to Decorate the Outside of Your House for Christmas

Many of us concentrate on sprucing up the interior of our homes in preparation for Christmas. Yet giving equal consideration to the outside can complete the festive vibe, giving visitors a truly seasonal welcome.

Here are 11 ways to decorate your property’s exterior in time for Christmas from All Weather Coating.

  1. Use existing trees

If you have shrubs either side of your front door these can be lit up for an inviting seasonal effect. Drape colourful fairy lights around the plants to create a beautifully welcoming entrance.


  1. Foliage House Number

If you possess an element of crafting skill, create a unique addition to your outside that has a very festive vibe.

Using special green wreath foliage, carefully cut out the numbers of your home and place on the outside wall. It’s a simple yet effective way to bring a touch of Christmas cheer to your property.


  1. Add Christmas Lights

Lights come in all shapes and sizes and are a must-have for decorating the outside of your home at Christmas. Whether you drape them across the roof or dot lights around key areas such as the door or windows, you have ample choice.

If you have shrubbery in your front garden, add fairy lights to these for an instant Yuletide effect.


  1. Decorative Window Boxes

If you have space for window boxes, fill them with seasonal plants or flowers in rich red, green or white colours.

Surround the plants with pine cones to prevent them from getting wet. Pine cones also create a visually pleasing effect at this time of year.


  1. Use Seasonal Colours

A lick of paint can freshen up the appearance of the outside of your home, but it also protects surfaces during harsh winter months. Choose good-quality weatherproof exterior coatings that won’t easily peel or fade.

Give a nod to the festive season and paint your front door with exterior coatings in a vibrant red. Hang an eye-catching wreath over the door to complete the festive look. Installing a wreath on your front door is one of the quickest and most effective ways to show appreciation for the festive season.

Think outside the box when it comes to wreath designs. Make your own from foraged berries and twigs, or create one using unusual materials. A wreath doesn’t even need to be circular. If you’re creative, make one in a snowflake shape.


  1. Line the Pathway

If you have a path, line the edges with individual colourful lamps or solar lights to provide a welcoming walkway for visitors.

Look for lights that have a festive twist, such as candy cane stick lights or those in the shape of Christmas trees.


  1. Reindeer and Sleigh

If you don’t fancy climbing a ladder to hang lights from your home, you can still bring festive cheer to your dwelling by placing decorative lights in the front garden.

Children will adore a lit-up reindeer and sleigh decoration in the garden, and it’s bound to attract attention from passers-by.

The shops are bursting with decorative objects for the garden at Christmas, so finding something shouldn’t prove a chore.


  1. Make a Festive Scene

If you have a corner by the front door or an enclosed porch area, make a festive scene to get into the spirit of the season. Why not go traditional and include a nativity scene.

Stack wooden crates or colourful boxes and add glass jars with candles to the top, a vase or pot of winter twigs with berries, or drape the boxes with evergreen trimmings and pine cones. Get youngsters involved in creating your winter scene to spark their imaginations.


  1. Light up with Lanterns

Brighten up the exterior of your home by fixing vintage lanterns either side of your door or hanging them in your trees. They will invoke a nostalgic feel, reminiscent of the winter season. Additionally, they’ll provide much-needed light on dark nights as you enter your home.


  1. Go all out

Bring some ultimate Christmas cheer to your home. Go all out and design your home with amazing lights. You’ll attract some attention for having the brightest house in the street but the children will certainly enjoy seeing it.


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