World’s first tiny cookery school opens, serving bite-sized foods cooked over a tealight



A food fanatic has launched Britain’s first tiny cookery school – where bite-sized meals are cooked over a tealight in saucepans the size of a 50p piece.

Tiny cooking has built up a cult following online but the trend is now being brought to life at the Tiny Cookery School.

Dishes include miniature meatballs, fajitas and even fish finger sandwiches which can be held between the forefinger and thumb.

They are all cooked in tiny pots and pans from dolls’ houses and heated on a stove powered by a single tealight.

The meals are served on dishes the size of a £1 coin and eaten with knives and forks around 1cm in length.

Organised by Foozie Bristol, The Tiny Cookery School held its first public event last Thursday (March 15) and now plans to launch in London, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Thom Whitchurch, founder and CEO of Foozie, said: “Last summer someone showed me a video on Instagram of tiny cooking, and I loved it. I thought it was so cute.

“And it had four or five million views, so I thought people were obviously really enjoying watching it. I wanted to give them the chance to actually experience it.

“It’s such a lovely concept and so much fun.”

The first event, held at St Nicholas Market in Bristol, was attended by 25 people.

Thomas said the most popular dishes were fish finger sandwiches or the tiny halloumi sticks.


He said: “It was a really nice evening People had a good laugh.

“We’re keeping the dishes quite simple, because we don’t really them to feel like they’re getting taught – we just want them to have some fun with it, take pictures and be able to crack on.”

He added that the miniature meatballs are possibly the most fiddly tiny dish to make.

“Rolling the meatballs is quite tricky, because you have to take a tiny piece of minced meat about the size of your thumbnail, and that makes about six or seven meatballs,” said Thom.

Two more events will be held at St Nicholas Market in Bristol, this Thursday (March 22), and Thursday, April 5.

Tiny Cookery School will then branch out to a venue in London for six weeks, beginning on April 25.

And Thom also hopes to be able to expand the events into Cardiff and Birmingham in the near future.

Tickets are £22.50 and include making three dishes – both savoury and sweet – as well as two courses of canapes made by White Botanicals in St Nick’s Market.

The Tiny Cookery School will also be available for private events between 12-40 people, including hen dos and work parties.

Tickets can be purchased from


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