World’s first meat massage joint opens up in Shoreditch

The World’s first ‘Meat Massage Joint’ opens its doors to the public today at the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch.

Meat-lovers will witness the Cook Strong Clan give their meat some TLC at a quirky pop-up on the Dray Walk.

The process breaks down tough fibres, helping the meat melt in your mouth and not turn to mush.

Dubbed TLC – Tenderizing Loving Care – the cuts are then smothered in sauces or glazes ready to be grilled to perfection ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Joel Hughes, Marketing Manager at Bull’s-Eye, the company behind the Meat Massage Joint, said: “We know true meat fans want their steaks, ribs and cuts to be juicy, tender and packed with bold flavours before they cook. That’s why the Bull’s-Eye Cook Strong Clan is in town to help meat lovers wanting to go that extra mile for their Bank Holiday BBQ.

“Treating your meat right before it hits the grill is the first step to flawless BBQ. Bull’s-Eye has been taking BBQ’ing to the next level since 1985. Our American pitmaster know-how combined with our range of authentic BBQ sauces, will ensure visitors experience a sight and taste sensation like no other.”

One hundred free cuts of meat will be available on each day of the pop-up, given out on a first come, first served basis

During the event, the Bull’s-Eye Cook Strong Clan will be on hand to share tips to meat lovers on the importance of massage, pairing meat with the best flavours and how preparation is the key to great tasting cuts that pack a punch.

Head down between 23rd – 24th May between 12-6pm to choose your favourite cut of meat and Bull’s-Eye sauce or glaze.

WHERE: 11 Dray Walk, Truman Brewery, London, E1 6QR

WHEN: Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th May

TIME: Between 12-6pm

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