World’s first beer for kebabs launched by London restaurateur

The first beer in the world to be specially brewed to have with a kebab has been launched by London restaurateur and British Kebab Awards founder Ibrahim Dogus.

Bira London was officially launched in central London last night as part of the festive build up to Christmas.

Its secret recipe was created to suit barbecue flavours and liberal use of spices. It has been described by those who have tasted it as a dry, very smooth lager with a crisp taste, a strong body and barley notes.

Mr Dogus plans to serve the beer at the fifth British Kebab Awards at London’s Park Plaza Westminster Hotel on February 26 2017. Nominations are currently open for next year’s competition.

Ibrahim Dogus said: “The kebab industry is worth over £2.2 billion in the UK so it was time it had its own beer.

“I am really proud of it for two reasons. I’m delighted as a businessman to be launching an iconic drink into a fiercely competitive marketplace. It would also be fantastic if people fall in love with the beer and discover what top end cuisine means for the kebab as a result.

“I was very picky about what it would taste like because kebabs have many varieties of strong flavours. We needed a beer that could stand up for itself.”



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