Review: That Boutique-y Gin Company 7 Continents Gin

Now in its tenth year, World Gin Day takes place this weekend (Saturday 9th June). A global celebration of all things gin, spearheaded by Emma Stokes – also known as Gin Monkey – this year’s event will be celebrated with a four-day festival: World Gin Day LONDON. Dedicated to celebrating gin across the capital, some of London’s most renowned bars will serve £6 gin cocktails for those with festival passes. Moreover, Emma Stokes has collaborated with That Boutique-y Gin Company to produce an official World Gin Day spirit – 7 Continents Gin.

Produced using a single ingredient from each continent (European juniper, Australian coriander seed, North American Angelica root, Asian cinnamon, African liquorice root and South American lime zest), the gin is finished with a trace amount of Antarctic sea salt; harvested from waters from currents originating in the Antarctic Ocean.

On the launch of 7 Continents Gin, That Boutique-y Gin Company’s Adam Wyartt said: “We are delighted to continue our association with World Gin Day through this collaboration.  It’s a fantastic, and genuinely global celebration which can’t help but contribute to growing appreciation of things Gin around the world. That’s a big part of our life too so for our World Gin Day Gin to be part of that is extremely exciting.”

Emma Stokes, from World Gin Day, added: “The feedback and reception from our World Gin Day gin over the past year has been truly remarkable. I’m so pleased that people love the gin as much as I do. We made a gin that I’d want to drink (juniper forward with citrus support) and it turns out that a lot of other people agreed that it’s ridiculously drinkable!”

Ensnared in bottles adorned with a unique label designed by Hertfordshire-based illustrator Grace J Ward, 7 Continents Gin is viscous. Neat, upfront aromas of juniper are accompanied by some classic herbaceous notes of coriander and liquorice, finished with some sweet lime zest. When sipped, the gin is juniper led, joined by some cinnamon heat, pronounced earthiness and developing citrus freshness. The unusual taste of salt eventually develops, prevalent on the finish. Faintly briny, the intriguing saline note is balanced with lime and cinnamon, harbouring a drying, quinine-like, character.

A well-balanced experimental gin, That Boutique-y Gin Company’s second batch World Gin Day Gin – 7 Continents Gin – is amiable; complete with salinity than lends itself well to olive-garnished Martinis or Red Snappers.

That Boutique-y Gin Company World Gin Day 7 Continents Gin is available from Amazon and Master of Malt, RRP £31.95.


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