Wine of the Week: Château de Berne Rosé, 2016

So Valentine’s Day has arrived and you’ve booked your other half into a luxurious hotel with spa treatments and rose-covered bed sheets.

Or, more likely, you have left it until the last minute and pitched a romantic night at home under the guise of saving money for the summer holiday?

Either way your luck is in, for what better way of recreating a spa night than to drink a wine grown in the grounds of the renowned Château de Berne?

The stunning 18th-century spa, which also houses a gourmet restaurant, bistro, wine cellar and 120 hectare vineyard, is located in Provence and shouts luxury.

Their prestige cuvée rosé comes in an iconic square bottle and has a delicate body with inviting aromas of strawberry and summer fruits, followed by a seductively smooth and complex palate.

Perfect served with grilled white fish, octopus salad or herb-infused vegetable dishes.

A delicious way to ease back into rosé for 2018 and impress your date.


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