Wine of the Week: Pujalet, 2016

January can be a rather dull month all told, which is why the brains in the booze business came up with Tryanuary in order to do-away with its sober counterpart.

Initially aimed at the beer market, Tryanuary was created to encourage ale fans to support independent breweries, pubs, bars and other retailers during what can be a challenging month for the industry.

Since its inception in 2015, the campaign has garnered huge support, and has now been adapted across the piste to encourage drinkers to try something new at the start of the year.

So in the spirit of Tryanuary, we’ve fished out a rather unique wine to sample for this week’s Wine of the Week.

For a start, Plaimont wines, dubbed “France’s greatest co-operative” by Andrew Jefford, is very much on the fringes of the country’s bustling South West region.

Speaking to Decanter, Régis Dupuy, a present-day co-operative member, said: “We have the impression that no one knows us.

“We’re too obscure here. So we work together or die.”

So familiar with the so-called “lost zone of Gascony” you will not be, but all the more reason for discovering it this month.

And you may also not be familiar with the grape varieties used.

This is a light-bodied wine, made with Colombard for delicious citrus and peachy fruitiness, and Ugni Blanc, which adds floral notes and some structure.

In all, this wine is a quality example of what can be made from lesser known grapes, in a not-so-famous French region, for a price that really is affordable.

Drink with fruity salads, steamed white fish and fragrant Asian dishes.


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