Wine of the week: Marques De Casa Concha Syrah, 2014

OK, so who switched winter on?

Following two months of what promised to be a glorious summer normality has returned to the shores of Britain bringing with it wind-swept and rain-drenched mugginess that has sufficiently clouded our memories of deck chairs in the garden and strawberries and cream in the fridge.

Ain’t it always the way.

If my memory serves me well, the first few weeks of August are generally the days in which Britain decides to take a rest from the summer, put its feet up and relaxes before a Bank Holiday tease at the end of the month leading into a sunny descendo throughout September.

But before we cart the summer kit back in to the shed for hibernation, there’s still plenty of opportunity to get the barbecue on and whip up some nostalgic summer fumes – and we’ve got just the wine for it too.

Created as a tribute to the title conferred upon the Concha y Toro family in 1718 by King Felipe V of Spain, the Marques de Casa Concha wines are fantastic single vineyard, estate bottled and limited production wines with grapes from the best vineyards of Chile.

Located in the Buin vineyard (Quinta de Viluco) on the south bank of the Maipo River at 500 m above sea level, the semi arid climate with the influence of the Andes mountains is a perfect environment for producing deep, complex, elegant Syrahs.

The result is wine with a deep scarlet colour and very ripe and intense aromas of blackberries and black cherries. Concentrated raspberry and plum flavours with coffee and mocha, with a long finish. A powerful smooth & graceful Syrah bursting with bright fruit.

Drink with spicy Food, curries, lamb and meat dishes, if you wish. But this is the perfect companion to the summer BBQ, so get the coals out quick.

£13, Tesco


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