Wine of the Week: Waipapa Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Sustainability seems to be the word of the day at the moment, and it is only right that we celebrate the wine growers that are making great strides in preserving the earth for future generations.

This week’s wine recommendation comes from the much-celebrated north eastern coastal region of Marlborough.

It is produced following a holistic philosophy to work sustainably and to preserve the land for the future.

Instead of using machines to remove the leaves when thinning out the vine canopy they use a herd of sheep.

They work their way through the vines, eating the leaves to allow optimal sunshine for the grapes to ripen.

The taste is that of biting in to a green apple drizzled with elderflower, with hints of passion fruit and gooseberry fool.

Eat with a goat’s cheese salad with bitter leaves, prawns with a lemony mayonnaise or vegetable tempura.

Champagne One, £8.45, Henley Wines, £8.99, Ocado, £9.99

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