Wine of the Week: De Bortoli Black Noble 10 years old

“What a wonderful way to wind up a winter dinner”, Ian MacTavish of This Magnificent Life mused over a glass of De Bortoli Black Noble 10 years old. And as this week’s featured wine, we tend to agree.

With a deep amber hue and aromas of pecan pie this is a fabulous desert wine to get you prepped for American Thanks Giving and as well as the business end of the autumn season.

The fortified botrytis Semillon is aged in oak for 10 years and is a rather unique beast and a must try for any lover of “stickie” wines, with concentrated flavours of coffee, toffee and anise.

It is a great match to dark chocolate or cheeses or simply to finish off a winter’s meal, and with a string of accolades to its name you’d be mad not to try it.


Wine of the Week: Noble One 2013, De Bortoli

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