Wine of the Week: Apothic Inferno

It’s not every day you get to try a wine blended with six full-bodied red grapes before going through an intensive oak ageing process to deliver a uniquely bold flavour layered with maple, vanilla and charred spice more akin to whisky than wine.

But thanks to Apothic Wine’s latest release, Inferno, you can now get your hands on this intriguing wine for quite a reasonable price at most Sansbury’s, and it’s well worth a try.

The Californian small-batch bottle is a blend of Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdot among others and is aged in charred, white oak whisky barrels for 60 days.

The result is a wine that is as smooth as it is bold, nurturing expressive characteristics that open up across a long, clean finish that only barrel aged wines can hope to achieve.

Think autumn in a bottle, where smoky flavours combine with smooth maple and vanilla notes.

Drink with red meats or chocolate desserts.

Buy from: Sainsbury’s, RRP £13.


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