Where’s The Gherkin Lurkin In This Visual Puzzle

Gourmet burgers have become a gluttonous overabundance“, I wrote in an editorial back in February calling for restaurants to do the basic ingredients well rather than shove a basket of deep fried junk in a bun. But if you are faced with a significant dismantling job, we may have the perfect solution for you.

A mind-boggling maze of burger ingredients which features just one solitary gherkin has been released on the web by on demand restaurant delivery service www.deliveroo.co.uk. The puzzle, dubbed “Where’s the gherkin lurkin’?!”, is the latest in a succession of graphics to emerge online, including this one, which kept readers guessing for almost two minutes!

Illustrator Sally-Ann Heron, 25, said:  “I kept forgetting where it was myself, while I was drawing it.

“It also provide some food for thought, as I was really hungry by the time I’d finished it.”

Next time you’re faced with a plateful of burger components, perhaps give it a go in real life!

burger puzzle 2flat

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