The Weekly Cocktail Recipe: Tia Maria Iced Popcorn Frappe

In collaboration with the Future Laboratory, Tia Maria launched Tia Maria Coffee Cocktail Futures earlier this month. Taking place at Chapter 72 in Bermondsey, the event saw the unveiling of a trend report from Tia Maria and the Future Laboratory, featuring insights on current and predicted drink trends.

The Tia Maria Coffee Cocktail Futures trend report outlines the fact that hundreds of millions of people have developed palates able to appreciate once alien flavours. For a new generation of coffee and alcohol drinkers, this has meant a new adventurousness around previously unpopular tastes and combinations, such as bitterness and sweetness in the same recipe. The report also showed traditional gender stereotyping around food and drink is finally breaking down in the face of globalised experiences. The Future Laboratory also outlined four new cocktail ‘tribes’: ‘The Sensorialists’, ‘The Optimisers’, ‘The Experimental Connoisseurs’ and ‘The Truth Seekers’.

Speaking on the event, Tia Maria Global Brand Manager Claudio Giuliano said: “The findings from the research support what we were already observing, which is that people’s love for coffee, and coffee cocktails, is at an all-time high. Tia Maria is certainly happy to be leading the charge and we’re urging all coffee lovers out there to unite and join us.”

At the event, a number of Tia Maria cocktails were also served, including an Iced Popcorn Frappe. With a base of Tia Maria coffee liqueur, made with 100% Arabica coffee, vanilla and a splash of Jamaican rum, the drink also features espresso, milk and sweet popcorn syrup.


50ml Tia Maria coffee liqueur

50ml milk

Double shot of espresso

20ml popcorn syrup

To Garnish



Shake all of the ingredients together and pour, over cubed ice, into a glass.

Garnish the drink with popcorn.

Further information on Tia Maria coffee liqueur can be found here.


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