The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – Il Pampero’s Rosemary-Infused Americano

Earlier this week, iconic British actor Roger Moore died, aged 89, in Switzerland, following a brief battle with Cancer. Undoubtedly best known for his portrayal of secret agent James Bond throughout seven feature films – a classic Martini (shaken, not stirred) would, perhaps, be a particularly fitting tribute. No less, with Summer (Campari season) finally here – let’s remember Bond’s relationship with the classic Italian Americano cocktail – typically consisting of Campari, red vermouth and soda water. The first drink ordered by James Bond in Casino Royale, Ian Fleming’s first novel of the series, the Americano also features in short story From a View to a Kill. Bond attests:in cafés you have to drink the least offensive of the musical comedy drinks that go with them.”

Arguably one of the best versions of the drink available in London, the Americano served at Il Pampero, a high-end Italian restaurant recently opened within The Hari Hotel in Belgravia, is infused with rosemary, lending a woody, herbaceous touch to complement the bitter Campari. Contrasted with sweet red vermouth, the drink is an ultimate summer cocktail – simple to recreate at home, ensuring a precise balance between the Campari and Vermouth. Saluti!


Rosemary-infused Campari and Red Vermouth, equal parts

Soda water, a splash

Orange, a slice, to garnish

Fresh rosemary, plus a sprig to garnish


To make the rosemary-infused Campari – simply infuse fresh rosemary into Campari for 48 hours, strain and bottle.

Pour 2 equal parts of rosemary-infused Campari and Red Vermouth into an ice-filled glass and stir for 30 seconds.

Serve on the rocks with a splash of soda and garnished with the slice of orange and rosemary sprig.

Further information on Il Pampero can be found at

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