The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – Ichiryu’s ‘Yuzu Orchard Mojito’

According to the results of a survey held by Hen Heaven this year – a website dedicated to Hen Party ideas, the Mojito has overtaken the Piña Colada as the UK’s favourite cocktail.

Perhaps thanks to the increase in number of bars serving ‘Mojitos’ that would work as a reasonable toothpaste substitute, the Mojito we’re used to in the UK is somewhat repugnant. Fortunately, just in time for spring, Ichiryu (the Hakata Udon House owned by The Japan Centre Group) have created their own unique take on the classic Mojito. Made with the juice from yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, classic Bacardi, umeshu and a strawberry-based juice – this drink is a far-cry from the spoilt pond-weed so many of us will be quaffing by the pitcher this weekend.


30ml Bacardi white rum

20ml yuzu umeshu (available from, or any Umeshu available)

30ml yuzu juice

110ml strawberry-based smoothie/juice

6 lime wedges

To Garnish

A sprig of mint


Muddle the lime with the yuzu juice.

Add the mint and continue to gently muddle.

Add the fruit smoothie/juice, the rum and the yuzu umeshu.

Mix all the ingredients well and add ice cubes to the top of the glass.

Add a whisp of mint to garnish.

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